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Amantii Electric Fireplaces

As a competitive and dynamic business with more than three decades of
experience to the fireplace and heating market, Amantii is able to offer an expanding product line to suit all of our customer's needs. From contemporary, traditional and designer colours, to built-in or wall mount designs. All of our new innovative products come to us from production facilities exclusive to Amantii, guaranteeing a unique brand and customer experience.


California Outdoor Concepts

At California Outdoor Concepts we create outdoor ambiance that is desired by all. We design and create atmospheres that you will never want to leave. Sit back and enjoy all we have to offer. The hardest part will be deciding which one to go with. Enjoy your time next to our amazing, relaxing firepit tables. With one of our luxurious firepit tables it won’t be hard to become the center of attention. Friends and family will love sitting around and enjoying the view.


IFN Modern Furniture

IFN Modern specializes in retailing modern furniture that has been inspired by midcentury furniture designs. Founded in 2009, we initially focused just on modern chairs but now sell a large collection of contemporary furniture.



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